Window Repair

Replacing glass in Pinebrook Park City Utah

Glass Replacement

Some window we cannot restore or have been broken. We offer a full line of glass replacement products. All our insulated glass units are manufactured locally by Hartung Glass and have a 10 year warranty on seal failure.

The glass comes with a composite foam spacer bar that is more energy efficient than the more common, aluminum or steel spacer bars.

We can also install tempered and hard coat, or soft coat low-e and tinted glass.

Hardware Replacement

We also replace crank operators, sliding hinges, and other hardware on windows.

Crank Handle Crank Operator Sliding Hinge

Weather stripping and Caulking

Weather stripping eventually wears out. Many high quality wood windows have replaceable weather stripping.

Caulking windows is an important part of window maintenance. Water can be vary damaging to windows, so 100% high quality silicon caulk between the window sash and the glass helps keep water out of the window system, which will help windows to last longer before they fail.

Some windows have weep holes to help them drain water that gets into the window system. So it is important to clean the weep holes out so the window can drain properly,

Before and After

Aluminum Clad Window Restoration

Aluminum Clad Window Restoration

Aluminum clad wood windows are a very nice looking and durable product. However after 10 to 12 years the aluminum coating often starts to oxidize. A new service we are offering lets you renew the aluminum cladding on these windows. It makes a huge difference on how these windows look. We will do one window for free with another service as a sample if you are interested.