Window Cleaning

Hard Water Removal Test, Heber City

Why use Window Dynamics to maintain your windows?

Window cleaning is much more than simply cleaning windows. It's supplying out customers with the services that they need. We help you do more than just clean your windows. We help you maintain your windows so they last longer and you can enjoy them more.

We have experience with restoring failed windows, replacing thermal glass units and other window maintenance that other window cleaners don’t have. Plus we do a great job cleaning your windows.

We look forward to giving you the best in professional window services.

Waterfed Pole Window Cleaning

Hard Water Removal

Some windows that are hit by sprinklers or run off from types of stucco and mortar can get very bad hard water stains. Over time the hard water actually etches the glass which is permenant.

However we can remove many hard water problems. We should look at it first and do a test to see how well it will come off.

Look at how bad this window is! We were able to get almost all of it off.

Should your windows be cleaned with a water fed pole?

First, what is a water fed pole? Water only leaves reside on glass when it contains dissolved solids. A water fed pole system uses extremely purified water to clean and then rinse a window so it dries clear– no squeegee needed.

Water fed poles are especially useful for very high windows where safety is an issue and for french panes.

Plus they get the frames clean to!

Window Cleaning Job in Glenwilde

Glass Coating

One way to protect windows that get lots of hard water damage is to apply a hydrophobic glass coating. The coating repels water, and dirt and makes windows much easier to clean.

It can be cost effective do a whole house or select windows that get the dirtiest.

It also works great on shower glass to make it easier to clean!

Construction Cleaning of Windows

Our construction clean bids includes removing paint, stickers, caulk, silicon, and other construction debris. We normally do this with a very sharp razor blade. Our soaps provide extra lubrication to protect the glass. Then we clean the window again, to leave it Clearly Clean. We take extra care with tempered glass, often times using 0000 grade steel wool, which takes more time but protects the glass.

If you are concerned about scratched glass and how it happens please see this document. We do the utmost to protect your glass and clean it in a effective way. However we are not responsible for scratches that have been caused by other contractors or fabricating debris on tempered glass.

Also we have detector to detect tempered glass and Low-E coatings. If you need to check correct installation of tempered glass, or Low-E coating we can provide this service. We have often in the field noticed Low-E coatings on the wrong surface, sometime even exposed on surface 4. (Outside of the inside pane)